March 30th Update Covid-19

Updated March 30, 2020:

As the COVID-19 Coronavirus continues to impact our communities, associates, and our customers, Bel Pre Glassworks Inc. has made some changes to do our part in helping limit possible spread of this virus. We are letting you know some of Bel Pre Glassworks Inc.’s. current plans to assist in the continued well-being of everyone.

In compliance with state issues directives as of Tuesday 31st 2020 all facilities will be closed to public access. Only Bel Pre Glass employees are allowed in our facilities.  For all customers that pick up from us, THANK YOU for your continued business! Please reach out to us to arrange directions for receiving these products. Our delivery service to our Wholesale customers will remain unchanged.

We have made commitments with our wonderful employees to have the correct plans and procedures to keep them safe while still providing services our customers have come to expect for over 45 years!

For Orders or General Inquires contact us via the options we have available. is a great connection and as always, we will have our staff available @ 301-948-6003 for any phone assistance needed. For our wholesale customers please continue using our other email addresses that are set up specifically for you.

With support, consideration, and empathy for each other we can get through this together.

Bel Pre Glass Family