Thank you for doing such an exceptional job on the mirror installation of my new kitchen. If we were handing out grades it certainly rates an A+. Bel Pre Glassworks, Inc. went beyond all of my expectations, including meeting all of the scheduled measurement and installation dates. This was not an easy installation and required special measurements throughout the kitchen, including a mirror box to cover my circuit breaker box, which indeed was exceptionally well crafted. I would particularly like to commend your estimator who was able to visualize what I was seeking to perfect in my mirror installation. The ideas he gave me were most appreciated and became a part of my overall design. Indeed, my special thanks to your installer who did an exceptional job in seeing that the mirror cuts met their expectation and were installed properly. I will have no problem in the future in highly recommending Bel Pre Glass for being tops in their field in the tri-state area.

J. David Bailey