We used a different glass supplier for an earlier bath job. This job drug out for several weeks, really, two months. One of the mirrors had to be sent back. (It just didn't fit right.) Later, the shower door needed an adjustment; he ignored our emails requesting what turned out to be a five-minute fix.

With house guests arriving in two weeks, Bel Pre came in, did the estimate for our second bath, and installed mirrors and glass doors, all done perfectly, the first time. And - get this - they made the adjustment to the shower installed by a competitor AND installed the lighting fixture (it went on top of the mirror). They cut one mirror to both accept the old medicine cabinet AND have the mirror wrap around an electrical outlet. Very impressive. The installation crew was a pleasure to deal with as well.

Bel Pre also delivered a glass bathroom counter, then were able to polish two edges when a late adjustment in size was required. This counter was half the price of an earlier counter we ordered from NYC (which took 5 weeks to arrive).

Mr. Morgan