Tempered Glass

The process of tempering strengthens glass & affects the way in which it breaks. Tempered glass shatters when it breaks as opposed to breaking in large shards. Therefore, tempered glass is required by code to be used in applications such as shower enclosures, windows (depending on their location), entry door glass, glass railing systems, etc.

We here at Bel Pre Glassworks, Inc. are very excited to be able to add tempering to the list of our fabricating capabilities!

Please review our specific capabilities below:
Thickness of temperable glass: 1/8" - to - 3/4"
Maxiumum width dimensions temperable in clear glass:
• 1/8" thickness = 45" x 80"
• 3/16" to 1/4" thickness = 55" x 120"
• 5/16" to 3/4" thickness = 59" x 125"
Minimum dimensions temperable: 4" x 8"
**Note: if the product is 3" and long it should temper
Quality of finished product, regulations reference: 16CRF 1201 II
• ANSI Z97.1 - 2009