You have done so much excellent work for us for almost 20 years that I must write to you to underscore my admiration and appreciation.

Today is a prime example. After speaking with Peter Ross on Friday to have some minor service work done, he scheduled it for today between 10-11am. How immediate a response is that? At 9:58am Brian and Jose arrived. They have been here before and immediately recognized the jobs they have done for us. Jose even remembered our night table with the electrical hook-up that he did over six months ago. Brian, too, remembered doing a credenza glass top that needed special consideration. How is that for personal relationships?

In less than 10 minutes, they completed the required work. It was excellent and carefully executed. They were so pleasant and so personable that our morning began with a good feeling. So good, that I am compelled to write this letter to you immediately.

Please put in the employee records this letter of praise for Peter, Brian and Jose...and, kindly, double their salaries.

Phyllis Lessans