Custom Glass DC

Waterjet Fabrication

Bel Pre Glass is proud to offer the Washington DC Metro area Waterjet cutting services with our new state of the art Waterjet Fabrication Machine.

What is Waterjet Fabricating?
Waterjet technology is a versatile and cost-effective way to cut complex shapes and intricate designs onto an almost unlimited number of materials. From shaping resilient glass flooring to solid metal fabrication, this form of high tech cutting stands out from more traditional cutting methods because of its consistent precision and accuracy, outstanding edge quality and quick turnaround. Bel Pre Glass’s Waterjet services allow for easy and precise solid surface cutting of materials of a variety of thicknesses including, but not limited to:
• Glass cutting
• Granite cutting
• Marble cutting
• Stone cutting
• Porcelain cutting
• Metal cutting
• Ceramic cutting
• Plastic cutting
• Non-porous material cutting

Benefits of the Waterjet cutting process are numerous. In addition to the speed, quality and flexibility mentioned above, Waterjet Fabrication does not create heat, which eliminates heat affected zones, thermal stress, recast layers and work hardening seen in other forms of cutting. It’s also environmentally friendly – meaning no smoke, dust or hazardous materials. For Bel Pre Glassworks, the Waterjet process is particularly useful for shaping architectural materials, such as:
• Glass shower panels
• Mirror work
• Glass Tabletops
• Cast glass
• Painted glass
• Staircase glass partitions
• Frameless glass entry doors
• Bullet proof glass
• Bathroom glass applications
• Wine cellar glass applications

Contact Bel Pre glass today to learn how our DC area Waterjet Fabrication services can help with your next home remodeling project!